Volkswagen Kubelwagen Type 82
 in World War II
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Volkswagen Kubelwagen Type 82 in World War II

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Author.. Janusz Piekalkiewicz

Publisher.. Shifffer

ISBN (or publisher's Number).. 9780764330988

Content description.....

The famed World War II vehicle - the German equivalent of the American Jeep is presented here in a superb collection of vintage photographs, and detailed text included testing, production, guidebooks, and technical manuals. Included are the many variants that saw use on a variety of war fronts throughout the Second World War with special coverage of its extensive use in North Africa.

Physical details....

Size.. 225mm x 285mm
Pages / graphical content.. 192pp, 300 b/w illustrations
Binding.. Hardbound
Originally published.. 2008
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