Bug to Banjul
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Bug to Banjul

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The Paris - Dakar Rally; the most dangerous race in the world. It costs 18,000 just to enter and with 48 deaths recorded and only a 40% success rate there's a good chance you won't make it. If you don't like the odds, don't have the cash but don't want to miss out, why not try the Plymouth - Banjul Challenge? It follows a similar route to the original Paris - Dakar but the entry fee is a mere 250. A few guidelines ensure costs don't escalate to 'Paris - Dakar' proportions; cars should cost less than 100 with a preparation budget of 15 and all cars must be left hand drive as they will remain in the country to be auctioned for charity. But what car bought for 100 could hope to make it 4200 miles to West Africa? That's what Claire and I asked when we decided to tak eup the challenge. A VW chat forum led us to our car of choice; a 1972 VW Beetle named Poldi. Tony at Lust for Rust got him running, spent days welding and replaced the rusty wing. Then, he undid all his good work by handing the car over to two girls, with no mechanical skills whatsoever, to drive through mountains, deserts and the odd minefield! Some people didn't think we'd make it; some people said we wouldn't make it out of the UK! "Who's your friend?" said a fellow rally entrant when we arrived at the Brittany Ferries terminal. They were referring to the brightly coloured recovery van following us. Embarrassingly we had to admit our first breakdown had been 20 minutes from home. The Beetle was escorted, coughing and spluttering, the rest of the way to Portsmouth unable to go over 60kph. A fault eventually traced by French VW enthusiasts to rust inside the petrol tank blocking the fuel lines. They fed us, put us up for the night and by morning had replaced the tank.

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