Der erste Brezelkäfer
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VW Aircooled Cars - General and History

Der erste Brezelkäfer

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Author.. C. Grundmann, A. Struwe and C. Becker

Publisher.. Delius Klasing Verlag

ISBN (or publisher's Number).. 9783768833622

Content description.....

Presented here with German text is the story of a Volkswagen discovered in Vilnius, Lithuania a 1938 Split Window Beetle, one of only three surviving prototypes of the VW 38, later also known as the KdF (Kraft durch Freude) cars. There was a lot of work to to breathe new life into the fossil , but the result shows that it has paid off. Today, the classic Beetle is shining brightly as it did 70 years ago. This book documents with numerous photos of the photographer and VW-maniac Axel Struwe in an impressive manner the restoration of the Beetle prototype: the rebirth of a legend. The well-known motoring journalist Claus Peter Becker has been following the footsteps of the car and tells the story of number 38/06 from the beginning.

Physical details....

Size.. 215mm x 285mm
Pages / graphical content.. 144pp, 81 colour, 15 b/w photos + Illus
Binding.. Hardbound
Originally published.. 2011
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