Beetle Drive
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Beetle Drive

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Author.. Fiona Easterby

Publisher.. Fiona Easterby

ISBN (or publisher's Number).. 9781494879174

Content description.....

Pedro, a 1969 VW Beetle, was happily enjoying his retirement in the Californian sunshine when his world was turned upside down. He was sold to Fiona, an English woman, and shipped across the Atlantic. His travels wouldn’t end here though; on arrival in the UK he received modifications and preparation for the longest journey of his life so far, over land to Singapore. Joining him on his travels were his English driver Fiona and American non-driver, Rica. Mechanical gremlins struck on day one; how on earth would they make it 22,000 miles across deserts, rivers, mudslides and mountains if they couldn’t even get out of the country without breaking down! Sometimes funny, sometimes scary; thought provoking and emotional but always entertaining. Fiona tells the tale of an incredible journey in a car that is fast becoming a legend.

Physical details....

Size.. 130mm x 200mm
Pages / graphical content.. Approx 175 pp
Binding.. Softbound
Originally published.. 2015
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